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Replace the 5amp fuse located on the positive (+) side of the 12VDC boat battery. 

The shaft can be cut to length:

(1) Disconnect the shaft from the motor module.

(2) Remove the isolation sleeve at bottom of shaft. Apply hot water for easier removal.

(3) Use tube cutter Rigid 40617 or equivalent to shorten the shaft to the desired length.

(4) Reinstall shaft with isolation sleeve tube. 

A weak remote control signal can cause slow motor response, intermittent motor rotation and other control inconsistencies.  

Solution: Replace the remote control battery with 2x Energizer CR2016 Battery. Use plastic pry tool when removing the snap on back cover of the remote. 

The module requires 12VDC @ 1amp of power to operate.

The module comes pre-aligned with the left and right rotation limits. Unsure the module is securely mounted and the power cable is connected. The rotation indicator can be adjusted:

(1) Loosen the indicators set screw with an Allen wrench set.

(2) Rotate the indicator to align with the center line of the boat. Tighten set screw.

(3) Drive the module to ensure the rotation limits are towards the stern of the boat.

Isolate the transducer signal from the shaft with the black isolation sleeve: 

1) Slide the isolation sleeve onto the bottom of the shaft. 

2) Install the transducer (not included) with the hardware provided from the manufacturer. 

3) Ensure the transducer is aligned with the rotation indicator before fastening to the shaft.


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